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          YFO-based Instant Prime Service

          Timely, Professional, Customer First

          From pre-sales consulting to on-site installation and commissioning, from after-sales regular inspection to spare part delivery and customer training, every YFO service engineer has successfully handled over 300 cases and their high-quality professional services will ensure your machines operate normally.

          YFO Service

          YFO (Yizumi Factory Outlet) model ensures high response speed and controllability of the service and it is also Yizumi's new global service strategy for the future. As regards the service concept, we not only ensure the safety of customer's production activity, but also endeavor to fulfill the ultimate goal of reducing the risk of downtime through every detail and improving customer's productivity.

          • 365/24

            24/365 hotline is available, over 100 maintenance experts around the world ready to respond to your needs.

          • 72

            YFO service network in 35 Chinese cities and 37 overseas countries provide better access to service.

          • 35000+

            So far the service team has provided YFO service support for over 35,000 machines to ensure they function normally.

          • 5+

            Over half of YFO service engineers have over 5 years of professional experience.

          • 5000+㎡

            Powerful spare part warehouse system covers warehouses in 53 Chinese cities and 14 overseas spare part centers, total warehousing area up to 5000m2

          Care More about Customer Experience than Machines

          We are confident of delivering better service experience


            Pre-sales Consulting & Support

            Worry the machine is not fit for production after it is bought? We can select the suitable machine for you based on your demand.

            ——Provide tailor-made machine selection proposals

            ——Offer professional factory planning

            ——Design production process solutions in advance

          • 24-hour on Call, Quick Response

            Improve the response speed and minimize downtime and loss.

            ——24-hour hotline service is available and YFO service engineers can solve 60% of problems via telephone

            ——A nearby service car with GPS will be allocated according to customer's location, for the purpose of arriving at customer's site as soon as possible


            Quick Delivery for the Fastest Production Restoration

            Warehouses in 35 Chinese cities and 13 overseas spare part centers enable parts to be delivered from the warehouse nearest to customer's location, reducing waiting time and increasing production.

            ——97% spare parts can be delivered the same day

            ——7000 different kinds of spare parts in stock, total value is more than 10 million RMB

            ——Key parts are manufactured by Yizumi or imported and some can be applied to machines made in 2002

          • Regular On-site Preventative Maintenance

            Conduct semi-annual regular on-site inspection to eliminate the problems of machines in operation and to do maintenance work in advance.

            ——Inspect the stress on tie bars to guarantee the service life of parts and molds

            ——Conduct the injection molding machine energy consumption tests without influencing customer's production

            ——Measure the part surface temperature while the machine is running

            ——Adjust the machine to optimal mode for production

            ——Provide a detailed machine status report and suggestions


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